It is well known that in San Diego, immigrant and non-immigrant families work together, play together, pray together and help each other in times of need.  The stories based on these experiences are historic, abundant and commonplace, yet they are rarely shared.  Immigrants that are part of your family and your community represent a key part of the immigrant experience and for this reason we say that in San Diego, “Immigrants Are U.S.!” would like to ask you to share your story about how immigrants are part of your family’s lives.   Create a 3-minute video of a story told by two people.  At least one person must be an immigrant.  Tell us  how both of you as individuals or how both of your families work together, play together, pray together, or have helped each other in times of need. The best story will win two family portrait packages from award-winning Vantage Photography (voted one of the top 5 photographers in San Diego in 2009).   Each family portrait package includes a 2-hour shoot anywhere in San Diego County, a 16″ x 20″ portrait (mounted and signed) and 2 professionally edited 8″ x 10″ photo files.

You can shoot and edit your own video, be as creative as you would like to be, and use our video uploader to submit your video onto our site.  If you do not have video and editing equipment, you can record your story straight to our website using an inexpensive webcam and a microphone that can attach to your computer.  For further details, please read the rules for video submissions.

We also offer Video Production Tips and an easy to use Video Uploader and Recorder.  Record your story straight from your laptop and webcam today!